SH Local Furniture Cleaning Contractor

EJ's Carpet Cleaning offers professional truck mounted commercial carpet cleaning services which includes the application of non-toxic pre-treatment solutions, ensuring the neutralization of odors and the protection of surfaces. Our professional equipment accomplishes the complete extraction of all pollutants, allergens and excess water.

We specialize in providing residential carpet cleaning for new single family homes, condominiums and apartments. Many home owners realize that carpet floors provide a soft and durable surface, they also realize that carpeted floors also collect and absorb dirt, dust and pollutants of all kinds. Especially if you own a cat or dog. Cat and dogs not only shed pet dander and hair, they also track in all kinds of dirt debris and other pollutants which become trapped in your carpet.

Our years of experience is a testament of many repeat clients which find value in executing annual agreements that include bundled services that are performed on a quarterly basis, or as required by the client's specific needs.