SH Local Flood Restoration Contractor

EJ's Carpet Cleaning is a local flood restoration contractor offering services that include, the complete cleaning and sanitation of carpeted surfaces resulting from water damage. Our professional grade equipment accomplishes this by efficient water removal, surface sanitation and complete restorative drying. 

Unfortunately, sometimes carpets and padding may be damaged beyond repair. You can trust in us to help you make an accurate determination when it comes to questioning restore versus replace. If removal and replacement is required, then you can count on us to help you with the removal of flood damaged materials including damaged drywall, padding and flooring materials. This includes the complete removal of moisture in the air! We possess professional grade air movers and dehumidifiers that will ensure all moisture is eliminated prior to replacement of furnishings and carpeting.

It should be noted that the quicker a water problem is addressed, the faster, easier and less expensive it will be to correct. No matter what the problem, EJ's Carper Cleaning is standing by. Our professionally trained technicians possess many years of experience, providing the foundation upon which we have built this area of our business.  Our past customer recommendations and track record speak for itself. 

If you are seeking a local Carpet Cleaning and Flood Restoration contractor then contact EJ's Carpet Cleaning today!